5 Best Rafting Water Shoes

Author: AllAdventuresRafting | Updated on August 1, 2021

You will likely need to purchase a pair of rafting shoes to deal with the constant water and spray. These are shoes that are designed to provide the user with traction, protection, and comfort. 

In this article, we'll be looking at five products that you could consider. We'll look at these products in-depth and examine their pros and cons. We also detail some specifics and further helpful information that should help you to decide which pair is the best option for you.

If you're a casual rafter, then a pair of tennis shoes or hiking shoes will probably suffice. However, if you're more regular participant, then read on.

Material Used

The material used on a pair of is essential because it determines how long the shoe will last and whether it will suit your lifestyle.


This is a very lightweight material that many different brands use to provide shoes for people who need to perform water-related sports. They are very stretchy material meaning that they stick to the skin and feel that you are not wearing a pair of water shoes.

Swimmers will particularly enjoy a couple of these shoes and people with wide feet. You can see the advantages of having spandex material on your shoes; however, their disadvantage here is that this is a less durable product.

It is not particularly good for rafters because it offers them less protection for their feet. It is also a material that is likely to tear if you accidentally collide with a sharp object. Therefore, you would have to be very selective about using these shoes and what you use them for.


This material is quite the opposite of spandex and offers the user a much more protective experience. This material is recommended for people who intend to do activities that require their feet to be protected.

This would include shoes for rafting. It is a heavier and thicker material that works wonders against collisions and sharp objects. You can expect to find this material in some of the more premium options available on the market today. The disadvantage with this shoe is that what it offers in a protective capacity, it loses in flexibility and lightness. It is a much heavier and more rigid material than spandex.


This is one of the top materials that you can use to design a water shoe. It is widespread among premium rafting wetsuits, and many manufacturers have also used it in water shoes.

This product is both light and durable, making it better than both Lycra and Spandex material. It is handy for people who want to do a wide variety of various activities. It is unlikely to easily tear or snap even when pressed against a sharp object making it a good value for money material.

What About Traction?

You will also need to consider the traction pattern of the shoe that you purchase. Different shoes come with various designs, and each of these impacts what services it is based on.

When choosing a pair of shoes used for wild waters, you will want one with rubber soles (versus a synthetic sole). Rubber soles will be valid for maintaining a solid group, and they are lightweight. Different souls will also have other drainage systems, and this will also be important for rafting because keeping water in your shoe will only slow you down.


Many shoes in today's market can offer a quick-dry feature that will see the shoe drying as you use them. This is important for people who want to use these shoes for both beach and swimming activities. This is because the shoe can quickly drain itself and should also be sand resistant at the same time.


This option manufactured by Simari is 92% polyester and comes with a rubber sole. It is a very lightweight shoe that offers consumers a breathable fabric. This is achieved using a mesh material that works by sticking on your skin. When wearing these, you will likely not feel like you are wearing any shoes.

The mission material is breathable and therefore does not hold a large amount of water. This means you can expect that the shoes will dry relatively quickly once you are out of the water. The cushion at the bottom of the shoe here is very impressive, allowing you to feel natural every time you step on something.

They have created eight holes in each sole to allow the shoe to provide a quick-dry experience. The shoe comes with an elastic shoelace designed with a convenient and robust locking mechanism that secures your feet. It will not be a hassle to get in or out of these shoes.

The shoe's sole is quite exciting and has been designed with the latest technology to prevent the user from slipping in wet conditions. It is also sturdy enough that it can protect you if you step on a sharp object. This is quite a versatile product that can offer the user great success in many activities, from surfing right up to beach volleyball.


  • Elastic shoelace for a more secure fit
  • Quick-dry design
  • Anti-slip sole


2. Mishansha

This is one of the relatively cheaper options that you can consider. It is made from a spandex fabric that is very comfortable and stretchy. It is an excellent shoe for people who feel they have wide feet because the material is very adaptable.

It has been designed for all weather conditions making it a product that offers good value for money. The top part of the shoe is ultimately salt resistant making it a much lighter on-the-go option for surface and rafters. They have used the latest Lycra material to help the product avoid storing water as you use them.

This means you can expect improved ventilation as well as a quick-drying time for the shoes. The drainage on this product is very impressive due to the unique and intelligent sole of the shoe. This rubber sole has been designed so that it is anti-slip and can easily facilitate water flow.

This gives your feet a bit of protection from the outside elements. It is a nice on-the-go shoe that allows you to put on and off the shoe without much hassle quickly. They have included a tag by the shoe's heel, which you can tug for an easy slip-on. This is well combined with the elastic straps that hold the shoelaces together. These straps are designed to adjust to the size of the foot.


  • Elastic straps
  • Easy slip-on
  • Stretchy spandex material



The main word with issues is comfort. They have been designed to simulate what can be described as the perfect fit. The shoe's top is designed with an elastic drawstring that provides a lock and critical shoelace system. This has been included to help athletes move faster when using these shoes.

On top of the comfort that these shoes provide there are also very protective of your feet. The anti-collision technology used to design this product offers a soft and comfortable interior combined with a light and rugged exterior. When wearing these shoes, you are likely to feel less pain if you accidentally kick a sharp object or stone.

It is impressive that they have managed to design all of this and included ventilated honeycomb holes that hug the ground you walk on. This is sure to give you an anti-slip grip when walking on any slippery surface. The rubber sole at the bottom has been given a fishbone pattern that provides the user with seven drainage holes.

This gives you an advantage in how long it takes you to dry off your shoes. Being able to stay dry and maintaining traction is key to water rafting shoes because safety is paramount.

The fabric of this product is Lycra which is less flexible than most materials but more durable. However, as durable as the shoe are, they also offer you the option to remove the product's interior sole. This will allow you to feel a more natural connection with the ground through your feet.


  • Protective design and material
  • Offers a snug fit.
  • Anti-slip grip


4. Body Glove

This is a unique and exciting design for a water shoe that has absolutely no laces. It has been designed to feel like an extension of your body instead of a pair of water shoes. The knit of the material used is very comfortable.

It can stretch up to four times its size, making this product an excellent option to consider for people with wide feet. The material is breathable, meaning that your feet will never feel sweaty or uncomfortable, even in hot conditions. Having no laces implies that it is straightforward and quick to put the shoes on or take them off.

One must merely slide them on while tagging on the grip hold put at the heel of the shoe. The entire shoe is not made from the same fabric. They have included a Neoprene upper that shrinks to match the size of your feet.

The grip on this product is also another advantageous feature allowing you to be versatile with what you do with this shoe. You can take it to the beach or swim with it, and it will not give you any challenges.

The material used does not absorb water but instead reflects it. This means that you will not feel as though the shoe is weighing you down. This product's rapid drainage is quite a standout feature and is valid for people looking to perform triathlons.


  • Rapid Drainage
  • Four-way stretch material.
  • Easy slip-on design


5. Body Glove Men's Dynamo V-Class

This show is not your conventional water shoe, but it has excellent properties for many various activities. It is a bit more stylish, comes with a mesh upper and takes a sneaker approach to the design rather than a training shoe approach.

Made mainly for the outdoors, what classifies the shoe as a water shoe is impressive traction. The rubber sole at the bottom has been made with an intelligent design allowing the user to stick to whatever surface they are working on comfortably.

The manufacturers called this an amphibious shoe because most of the shoe is waterproof, helping to keep your feet dry. You do not have to worry about water getting into the shoe unless you are completely submerged underwater. This makes the shoe less useful for divers and more appropriate for rafters.

It also comes with a false drainage feature that stems from the manufacturer's design of an integrated drainage system. This system works to combine air and water flow in a way that is effective for efficiency.

It has an easy slip-on feature that should not take you very long to get going. This shoe's only disadvantage is that it cannot be fully submerged because it is slightly heavier than the other shoes. It does, however, offer the user more protection for their feet and a more durable grip on skiddy surfaces.


  • Excellent grip
  • Good foot protection
  • Waterproof materials


  • It cannot be submerged underwater.

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In conclusion, I think the best product on the list is the Body Glove Water shoe option. It is a brilliant design and feels like an actual water shoe. The product has no laces giving the impression of a second skin. It is one of the only products on this list that uses Neoprene material which is very durable and light at the same time.

This product is slightly pricier than several various products, but it is good value for money. It is effortless to slip on and comes with four-way stretch material. This means it will be very comfortable because the material can adjust to the size of your feet. You might want to consider some water socks as they complement this brand very well.

It is both a good product for people with average size feet and white feet. If you are willing to pay slightly more than this is one of the best options to consider.


Your feet need to be protected since they are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when you’re out on the water. To make sure that your feet are safe and sound during a rafting trip, grab some river shoes before jumping aboard. They provide great protection for people's feet just by being worn in shallow water or on dry land as well. While rafting, these shoes offer comfort and support for your feet.

They are specially designed to protect your feet from accidents that can happen while on the water. Since they're made of rubber, they will also protect you against a sharp rock or any rough terrain. If you want to spend a long period of time in the water, then you need to be sure that you footwear to keep your feet warm and protected throughout. With these shoes, you can bank on protection for as long as the trip lasts for.

You should also be careful when buying shoes since they come in a variety of designs and types. It's a good idea to go for shoes that are either open-toe or closed-toed instead of those that are just sandals i.e. to protect you from slippery rocks and wet surfaces.

Another thing to note about these shoes is whether you need anti-skid or traction. The traction will make the shoes less slippery when they're wet on slippery terrain or wet rocks but they will not be as effective compared to the anti-skid versions.

Therefore, when buying shoes for your trip down the river, make sure that you buy a proper footwear with traction and anti-skid. Try wearing these shoes the first time you head out for a rafting trip to get used to them and remember how well they work before heading back out in them again.


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