We Love Whitewater Rafting!


Created from frozen glaciers on Mt. Adams and the porous ground of a sleeping volcano, the crystal clear water of the White Salmon River beckons all rafters and nature enthusiasts.
Best rafting in the Pacific Northwest!
Accessible adventures for everyone regardless of ability or skill level.
8.5 River miles – 2.5 hour trips in morning and afternoon.
Includes some of the best Class III+ rapids in the country. (Class V options)
Small trip sizes keep it personal and preserve an intimate wild & scenic experience.
Gain insight on local flora and fauna, geology, and cultural history.

Get Drenched in the Experience

Join us for a fun, inspiring morning or afternoon rafting on the White Salmon River.

Experience some of the best whitewater in the Pacific Northwest with informative guides who love to share their passion of the beautiful White Salmon Gorge. Between rafting high energy rapids you’ll find peaceful moments to float, gaze in wonder at the resident birds, blooming wildflowers, towering trees, green lush ferns, volcanic rock pillars, and remnants of cultural history.

The swift waters of this narrow gorge take us on this unforgettable journey in 2.5 hours leaving plenty of time to explore other local wonders in the Columbia River Gorge and Portland Oregon areas. The whole family will leave their White Salmon River rafting experience grinning ear to ear and with a new appreciation, knowledge, and respect for our beautiful rivers and amazing sport!
Simply Unforgettable!
Time passes so fast and before you can turn around a year has gone by. That is why it is so important to carve out life-enhancing moments with the people you love. At All Adventures Rafting, we provide an opportunity for you to book a 2.5 hour rafting trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

We offer whitewater rafting trips on the White Salmon River for All Ages, All Abilities, All People on rivers in Washington and Oregon.

Our rafting trips are accessible adventures for everyone regardless of ability or skill level. Whitewater rafting is a unique human experience, placing you in the heart of nature. Floating down the river, you’ll learn about flora, fauna, and people who thrive around and in the river, all punctuated with glorious heart-pumping whitewater moments.

Experience the freedom of the river and create a memory that will be talked about for years to come.
Join the All Adventures Family for Whitewater Rafting in Washington & Oregon
All Adventures Rafting, located in the Columbia River Gorge on the banks of the beautiful White Salmon River, offers whitewater rafting trips for All Ages, All Abilities, All People on rivers in Washington and Oregon. Our goal is to make this an accessible adventure for everyone regardless of ability, skill, or financial situation. Explore our website for details on the rivers we love, our values as a community, and our commitment to making the trip about you and your needs.

At All Adventures Rafting, we are people who LIVE for the adventure, LOVE what we do, and want to make your RAFT trip unforgettable! We are committed to getting people from near and far on the rivers we love. Book your trip today!

Portland and Seattle Rafting Day Trips and Family Vacations
The Pacific Northwest region is known for the vibrant urban centers of Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, and some of the world’s top-rated outdoor destinations. Just east of Portland you enter the Columbia River Gorge, a wonderland filled with endless outdoor adventures that will satisfy any family vacation, group outing, or solo adventure.

All Adventures Rafting is located approximately 1 hour from Portland, and minutes from White Salmon, WA and Hood River, OR, a growing mecca of wineries, breweries, shopping, and outdoor recreation. Families with young children, to the hard-core adventurist, will be thrilled at the diversity of activities and scenery. Within this landscape, rivers are a significant cultural, natural, and recreational entity of the region. The glacier studded volcanoes that surround the Columbia River Gorge remain snow capped all summer providing the crystal clear waters that help make the White Salmon River so special. Complete your true Pacific Northwest experience with an All Adventures Rafting trip on this hidden local gem.
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